The Top 5 Fruits For Clearing Acne

Most people are unaware that diet is a great source of acne. Similarly, diet could be used to get the permanent clear skin. Therefore, it is important to get informed on the kind of fruits to enhance the absolute intake of acne-clearing elements. The top 5 fruits to clear acne include Strawberry, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Citrus Fruits, and Pineapple.



An average strawberry comprises many antioxidants which are superb at decreasing the free radicals within the human body. Strawberries help to avert sebum from oxidizing which is ideal for clearing acne. Strawberries stop the clogged pores and eliminate the chance for acne to appear.

Cold Press Juicer uses a two-level technology for press juicing to create a high-quality strawberry juice. The process preserves a lot of enzymes and nutrients since no heat is used while the oxidation process is reduced.


Watermelon has unique healing powers for acne. It changes to l-arginine while inside the body which is a key element for creating nitric oxide. This characteristic brands watermelon as a unique fruit for clearing acne since nitric oxide is essential for curing old pimples.

A Cold Press Juicer helps to extract juice after crushing the watermelon. In essence, watermelon is pressed for the greatest juice yield. Notably, most of the fresh ingredients are kept intact since the process does not produce too much heat. The green rind could be consumed too since the entire fruit is edible.watermelon


The pomegranate contains the greatest levels of antioxidants which is a great acne benefit. Pomegranates can hoover up any free radicals within the human body and avert it from pomegranateblocking the pores. The fruit contains high levels of anthocyanin antioxidants. A pomegranate with darker skin is recommended because it boosts the antioxidants which are acne-busting.

A pomegranate is first washed with cold water and allowed to air dry and then cut in half. A Cold Press Juicer is then used to press the fruit into juice slowly while keeping a total pressure for the juice to flow slowly in a drip. The juice is immediately refrigerated or served.

Citrus Fruits

Orange fruits alongside its brothers the mandarin and clementine are all extremely rich in vitamin C. The element is sufficient reason to commend it for acne patients. Vitamin C helps to detoxify the extreme estrogen in the human body. Acne patients with high levels of estrogen have consequently decreased levels of progesterone. Citrus fruits have potent properties to detoxify estrogen.


The navel oranges are the best to use in Cold Press Juicers to shave off the orange part while leaving the white part intact. The process helps to obtain the most nutrition without the horrid bitter flavor. The citrus fruits need to be sliced into eights to fit in the machine.


Pineapple is one fruit that could not be omitted from the acne-clearing list. Pineapple contains a rare power since it has bromelain enzyme that helps to break down proteins. The consumption of pineapple enhances the absorption of the acne-friendly nutrients within it. Pineapple helps in clearing acne without any obstacles along its path.

A Cold Press Juicer helps to create the pineapple juice when still healthy since it can conserve all its enzymes without destruction because there is no use of motor heat. The pineapple skin is first sliced off and then cut into columns before pressed into a juice. A pineapple is recommended to keep the acne calm.

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