How to Choose a Blender?

On the shelves of household appliances there are a variety of blenders. But how to make the right choice and not make a mistake with the choice of the firm? Which blender is better to buy? Which company is better to give the device? These are the questions we will try to disclose.

A little information

Blender is an electrical appliance, which is provided for the preparation of portions of a small volume. It combines the functions of a mixer and a meat grinder.

Functions that blender performs:

  • Mixing of ingredients.
  • Grinding of products.
  • Beat the ingredients.

There are two types of blenders:

Stationary – consists of a stable body and a bowl with a lid, which prevents splashing of liquid during cooking.
Stationary Blender
The submersible blender must be kept in hand. It consists of a metal part with a knife and handles. With the help of this device it is very convenient to cook purees.

How to Choose the Best Blender


Both submersible and stationary blenders produce a large number of companies. The most famous leading companies:

German company Braun, which won the love among buyers for high quality products. Blenders of this company are distinguished by a large number of functions and modes. Especially I want to mention the Multiquick series with stainless knives. This company made it possible to use instruments even in nature, creating wireless models. All appliances are stylish and will perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen.

Another German company Bosch (for the repair of devices, read the article disassembling blenders Bosch) – a manufacturer of quality mechanized home appliances, which is distinguished by its quietness and durability. I also want to note the presence of a knife of four blades and a shredder for greenery.

The international concern Philips is distinguished by a large assortment of high quality goods. The company is popular all over the world. Philips blenders are compact and lightweight, and jugs of high-quality material allow processing even hot ingredients.

There are less popular firms that produce submersible and stationary blenders. But they deserve no less attention than the leading three:

  • Hamilton;
  • Tribest;
  • Omega;
  • Breville;
  • Tefal;
  • Kenwood;
  • BORK;
  • Vitesse;
  • Scarlett;

The mechanized kitchen equipment created by these companies has a decent quality, but it will cost an order of magnitude less than the blenders of the most famous companies.

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What are the criteria for choosing?

First of all, when choosing a blender, you need to pay attention to its popularity among customers in stores of home appliances and the Internet.

An important criterion is the reliability of household appliances. Here we can rely on the feedback of the repair engineers. How often blenders are brought to repair and what kind of companies they are.

The device you want should be available. First of all, availability according to the price category depending on the financial situation of the family. And also, so that the blender you liked could be bought without problems in a home appliance store or online stores.

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