Best Backyard Barbecue Recipes TOP -5

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old, and in anticipation of warm weather this weekend I decided to remember the best recipes for street cooking. All you need is good weather, a good company, a grill and a little patience, so as not to go crazy with mouth-watering fragrances. All recipes are very simple, no dancing with a tambourine, just naked, as it is for a real picnic in the fresh air. Below is a selection of the top 10 recipes for grilling, you can go to them by clicking on the link in the name of the recipe – and under the description of each of them I indicated what you can do in advance to facilitate your task.

Top 5 Recipes for Grilling

Asparagus beans with bacon on the grill


This is a very tasty snack. String beans, like all beans, are excellent friends with bacon, and he himself during cooking on the grill opens completely in a new way. Prepare this bean before you make the main course: I know by myself, when you have just arrived on kebabs, everyone is very hungry and in a hurry, and after a little refreshment, everyone will start to rest for their own pleasure.

Grilled fillet of mackerel


The general rule is: the more fat the fish, the better it is suitable for cooking on the grill or barbecue, so that mackerel in this respect, there are not very many competitors. Those who look at mackerel patronize, it will be useful to know that it is fried and with pleasure eaten in the streets of Istanbul, and even its inhabitants at the seafood of the dog ate.

Tuna on the grill


It is often said that tuna is meat that pretends to be fish, and like any other meat, tuna is perfect for grilling or grilling. When you are frying tuna, do not forget that inside it should stay a little moist, otherwise you will get a dry and rather tasteless steak, which is sad, and it’s a shame to throw it away.

Seafood platter on the grill


The assortment of fish and seafood, cooked on the grill and served with a light sauce of olive oil and lemon juice is one of the best things to eat in nature. The quality of the original products is the key to success, so you only need to buy decent shrimp, fish and other seafood, and of course, do not forget to cool white wine.

Pineapple on the Grill


Although a dozen recipes have already been selected, I can not share this wonderful recipe with you: the most common pineapple, grilled and seasoned with sugar and cinnamon, becomes a perfect drug for which there is a place in any, even the fullest belly. The stomach, by the way, after that will only be better – in fact pineapple has a miraculous ability to burn fats. So the pineapple on the grill after a hearty meal or dinner is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

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